It's Keaton!

It's Nicholson!



Join Casey & Todd as they go through the 1989 hit...BATMAN!

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Episode 36 - “Mystery Men” (1999)

April 19, 2019

It's a birthday wish come true! The podcast gets significantly classier as Casey's better half, Dani, joins us for 1999’s Mystery Men!

Episode 35- “The Mask” (1994)

April 5, 2019

Who can forget the classic catchphrases from this movie?

"SMMMMMOOOKIN'!" or "Somebody stop me!" Well....someone should have stopped and thought about the choices being made in this movie...

Join Casey, and Todd as they review the 1994 film....."The Mask"!

Episode 34 - “Iron Man 2″ (2010)

March 21, 2019

The MCU train keeps rollin’ as we suit up for Iron Man 2!

Episode 33- “The Incredible Hulk” (2008)

March 8, 2019

Join Todd, Casey , and Special Guest Chuck as they review the second entry (that is mostly cannon) into the MCU.

Episode 32- “Hancock” Unrated (2008)

February 22, 2019

An immortal superhero....who barely cares about being a superhero needs an image change and he's found the perfect PR person. Just as long as you don't call him...well you know. Join Todd & Casey as they review...Hancock.

Episode 31 - “Batman: Under The Red Hood” (2010)

February 8, 2019

What's this? This isn't a theatrically-released movie! TSPHCamry Commander (and Patreon supporter!) Patrick Patrick made a compelling case for us to bend the rules with this very special episode! Check it out!

Episode 30- “The Incredibles 2″ (2018)

January 25, 2019

Join Casey, Todd, & 3 special guests: Shannon, "the bean" and "goon" as they discuss last year's smash "The Incredibles 2!"


Episode 29 - “Superman 2″ (The Richard Donner Cut)

January 11, 2019

Join us and out special guest Colin (resident Superman expert) as we review the Richard Donnor cut of Superman 2! 

Holiday Episode 2018

December 30, 2018

Happy holidays!

While we enjoy a little time with our families during our mid-season break, please enjoy this collection of outtakes from season 2!

See you in January for Superman II!